Good products are simple and easy to use. However, projects sometimes deliver quite the opposite.

SIMPLE & USEFUL can help you deliver products your customers want.
You decided what you need delivered. But, then this changes due to new insights or market demand.

SIMPLE & USEFUL can help you manage scope in changing conditions.
A fool with a tool is still a fool.

SIMPLE & USEFUL has experience in best practices with methods, tools and techniques. Waterfall, Agile and combined alike.
Sometimes you need a change just to stay where you are. Your business probably needs more than that.

SIMPLE & USEFUL can help you improve.
Risk management is often a one-time exercise never revisited again.

SIMPLE & USEFUL can help you include active risk management into your project delivery.
Your situation and challenges are specific and not like everyone else's.

SIMPLE & USEFUL understands that and will help design an effective approach, suitable for you.
Structure is always there but it may not be visible.

SIMPLE & USEFUL can help you uncover and implement the right structure for your projects.

Simple and useful projects make sense

Why do many projects fail by not delivering what is really needed and waste people and money?

One of the reasons is that projects get too complicated. Simplifying is hard. Sticking to established ways is easier, even when this does not give an answer to the market and customers dynamics.

Fortunately, project management body of knowledge has evolved too. Alongside with Agile for business value delivery, we now have a powerful set at hand to respond to changing requirements.

SIMPLE & USEFUL has knowledge and masters best project practices which can help deliver value to your business. Together we can simplify your projects and get useful results, for the budget and in time you want to spend.