24 Mar 2013
March 24, 2013

Will ISO 21500 help?

March 24, 2013 Standards 0 Comment

Will ISO 21500 help? Well, you tell me. ISO is telling us the background and offers to purchase the document. A pocket guide can be pre-ordered at Amazon.  You should go for that one; I had it in my hand.  But beware of other initiatives. Some have already offered pricey courses for a kind-of-certification for certificate-hungry organisations and people.  You cannot get a certification for ISO 21500.  You will be much better off by spending money on downloading from ISO and hearing it from the horse’s mouth.  There are also useful comparisons with PMBOK® Guide. Will ISO 21500 help?  Pat Weaver’s blog tells a longer and interesting story about this. It would help me and my fellows though, if ISO 21500 were accessible for a reduced price through our associations, like PMI and IPMA.